Neon at the ready, glow sticks steady, L.A.R.G.E are here to take you on the ULTIMATE 90s nostalgia trip! Bringing you the best of 90s dance, house and techno club classics as you’ve never heard it before from a 7-piece live band!!

Featuring hits from Snap, N-Trance and Baby D to 2 Unlimited, Underworld and The Prodigy, they're as energetic as they are infectious. Get ready for a party you won’t forget!

Vehicle Display - Register Now

Want to show your bus, van or camper at one of the biggest and best shows of the year?

With the season already started, it's time for you to register your interest in taking part in the special displays on Saturday at Camper Jam. We are looking for quality Transporters of all generations to put on display for our visitors.

We are looking for:

  • Split Screens of any ilk, with anything from four windows to twenty-three,

  • Bay Windows, either early, late or crossover

  • T3s both water and air-cooled

  • T4s with either a short or long nose

  • T5s in original form or face lifted 5.1s

  • And T6s

We will also have space for LTs and Crafters

So if you have a bus, van or camper, that you think people need to see, then...