Ticket Information and Camping Advice

Is Camper Jam for you?

YES Camper Jam is for you if...

  • You have a passion for VW Buses and the VW Community
  • You enjoy a relaxed and friendly atmosphere
  • You want an event the whole family feel safe at and enjoy
  • You love to dance and party but want a peaceful nights sleep too
  • You respect other people and their belongings
  • You want an event that listens and acts on your suggestions 

NO Camper Jam is not for you if...

  • You like playing music loudly into the early hours of the morning
  • You cannot respect other people or their property
  • You like swearing and dishing out abuse to others
  • You like to spoil a great friendly atmosphere

Camper Jam will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour that does not fit in with the great, safe and friendly vibe this show achieves and generates. Anyone found disrespecting our visitors, our event and our simple rules will be asked to leave the event for the benefit and safety of others.

Day Visitors

Saturday & Sunday only – parking will be in the day visitor area at the entrance to the show. Please note we are not open to day visitors on Friday, you'll need to purchase Weekend Camping tickets for this. Gates close for day visitors at 8pm on Saturday and 5pm on Sunday.


We are sorry but weekend camping vehicle passes are pre-book only will NOT be available at the gate.

Anyone without a weekend wristband and pass for their vehicle will be turned away.

All Camping is PRE-BOOK ONLY
There are now four camping areas to choose from. Please tick the appropriate section on the booking page when confirming your ticket.

‘Home is where you park it’ Camping
We’ll show you a big field, you park in it where you like… it's as simple as that! If you have a large awning, van and trailer, or want to save spaces for your friends to camp alongside you, then this is the camping area you need to book.

'Family home is where you park it’ Camping
This will be positioned away from the evening entertainment area and is intended for families with young children who have a large awening, need a big area, have a van and trailer, or want to save spaces for your friends to camp alongside. There is a noise curfew in this area of 10pm; after this time all music and engines must be switched off completely.

Disabled Camping

This will be positioned alongside the main road through the event, allowing the easiest access to all facilities. Please have your blue badge on display.

VW Club Camping
A designated area will be for club camping, meaning you can be close to your mates. If your club is coming en-masse to the show, and you wish to reserve an area, this needs to be done prior to the show. All we ask is that you have a minimum of 6 vehicles in your club at Camper Jam. They can be booked seperately but we will be in touch before the show if you have less than 6 vehicles where you will have the option of booking more people into your club or moving to Home is Where You Park It.

If you have any requests (we are open to suggestions) or want to book in a new club not currently listed, please get in touch with us on 01244 881895 or email: tickets@camperjam.com.

Please note: There is a noise curfew on all campsites (Family Camping aside) of Midnight. Our Family Camping area has an earlier curfew (for obvious reasons) of 10.00pm. After this time, ALL music and engines must be switched off completely. Anyone found breaching this will be asked to leave the grounds by security.

Toilet & Water facilities can be found in all camping areas.

There will also be limited shower facilities on site due to limited water pressure on site at Weston Park. Professional security & medical teams will be present all weekend for your safety. We advise bringing disposable wet wipes and dry shampoo. 

For a list of things to bring with you on the day please see our
Camper Jam Camping Essentials guide

Please note: For safety reasons, motorised scooters/ bikes/ skateboards (other than for disabled users) are not permitted at this event.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the date of Camper Jam?
6 - 8 July 2018

What are the opening times?

Public Gate Opening/ Closing Times:
Friday / 2.00pm - 10.00pm
Saturday  /  9.00am - 8.00pm
Sunday / 9.00am - 5.00pm

Trade Gate Opening/ Closing Times:
Thursday 2.00pm - 7.00pm
Sunday / 5.30pm - 8.00pm

We cannot allow any early arrivals parking up / camping at the gate areas prior to official opening.
If you are arriving outside of the opening hours above, please arrange alternative camping, you will not be allowed to enter outside of the set gate opening hours for safety reasons. It is not permitted to camp on Sunday night.

Where is Camper Jam held?
Weston Park, Shropshire, TF11 8LE. www.weston-park.com. For more info see our location page

Can I bring my dog or other pets?
Yes, you may bring your pets, provided they are not dangerous or poisonous and can be housed with your camping unit. Pets should be kept under control at all times (eg. dogs on a lead except in the designated exercise area). Any mess made by your pet must be cleaned up by you. If it is not then you will be asked to leave and be barred from all future events.

Can I camp with my friends?
The only way to 100% guarantee that you will park/ camp with your friends is to turn up together. We have a 'Home Is Where You Park It' and 'Family Home Is Where You Park It' Camping Areas, so camp in here and save your mates a space or two if they turn up at different times. If you are in a VW club then get them to all book in Club Camping, therefore guaranteeing you are in the same area.

Can I camp on Sunday night?
No, all visitors must leave the park on Sunday afternoon.

Can I buy a day ticket for Friday?
Unfortuately not - Camper Jam is only open on Saturday and Sunday for day visitors. 

Can I book an area to be reserved for my VW club to camp in?
Club camping plots are available. Please contact us on 01244 881895
email: clubs@camperjam.com

Do I have to buy camping tickets in advance?
Camping is pre-book only, meaning all camping tickets must be booked before the show. There will be no camping tickets available on the door. Pre-booked tickets are on a first come first serve basis, when they are gone they are gone. You can click here or contact us on 01244 881895 email: tickets@camperjam.com or pre-order online from this website.

Can I buy day tickets on the door?
The only tickets available on the door will be day visitor ones.  There will be no camping tickets available.

When does advance booking close?
When all the tickets have sold out and we anticipate this will happen quickly.  Once again we are pre-book only for Camping.

I have booked in advance but my tickets have not arrived?
Tickets will be sent out 4 weeks prior to the event - if you have not received them 2 weeks before the show please check your tracking number, contact us on 01244 881 895 or email: tickets@camperjam.com.  We are not able to deal with queries on the door.

Can I bring my caravan / motorhome to Camper Jam?
YES! Caravans or motorhomes are allowed at Camper Jam but must be booked into either the Home Is Where You Park It or Family camping areas.  (A caravan does not require its own vehicle pass.)  Please note, caravans and motorhomes are brought onsite at the owner's discretion - Camper Jam cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for getting caravans or motorhomes off site in the event of bad weather or under any other circumstances.

Can I bring a generator to Camper Jam?
No, private generators are NOT permitted at Camper Jam.

Are fireworks/chinese lanterns permitted at Camper Jam?
NO! To eliminate the risk of tents and vans being set alight by fireworks they are banned from Camper Jam. Anyone found with or using fireworks will be removed from Camper Jam without refund of entrance fees and banned from all future events.

Are any type of fires permitted at Camper Jam?
NO! For obvious reasons.  Anyone found with or starting a fire will be removed from Camper Jam without refund of entrance fees and banned from all future events.

Do I need to bring my own food to the event?
No, there will be plenty of options on site in the Camper Jam Food Village or fresh produce from the Weston Park Granary Shop. http://www.weston-park.com/visit-weston/deli/

Can I use a barbecue?
Yes, provided no hot part of the barbecue touches the ground and it does not inconvenience other campers (eg. wind blowing smoke into their camping unit). Please do not take a barbecue inside a camper van, tent, or similar; in addition to the fire risk a barbecue gives off carbon-monoxide which can be fatal if inhaled.

How do I get my vehicle into the 'For Sale' area?
The vehicle sales area is open on Saturday and Sunday, please go to the information point for all of the details.

Why do Vehicle Passes have a corner cut out?
Vehicle Passes have a corner cut out of either the top right or top left. Don't worry this is intentional as is to identify if the vehicle is a VW Camper or not to our entrance team. Please have your vehicle pass stuck to your windscreen for arrival.

Why do you have to pay for Vehicle / Camping Passes?
We are charged for every camping vehicle / plot that is on the site.  When Vehicle Passes were free we found that some campers were ordering more vehicle passes than they required – this in turn resulted in a lot of people missing out on the show as it meant we ran out of camping plots when we really shouldn't have.

Why do VW Camper Vans get a discount?
As the show has grown we really don't want to lose our roots as a VW bus show and we want to encourage more people to bring their bus with them on the day. If you are driving a VW bus to Camper Jam, specify this on the ticket page and you'll get a £10 discount applied to your cart and a special vehicle pass. If you turn up without a VW Camper Van and your discount vehicle pass you will be asked for the £10 difference on the day. 

We feel it's important that you know what you're paying for:

Postage Costs - This cost is passed on directly to you from our courier company. Each year we research meticulously to make sure we are getting the best value for money and the best service for our customers. What this fee covers:

-All weekend tickets are sent by courier and are fully insured against loss or damage.
-We'll email you the tracking number so that you can keep an eye on whereabouts your tickets are.

Booking Fees - A Booking Fee is applied as a percentage of your order total excluding delivery, currently 4% and capped at £4.96 per order. These charges cover credit/debit card processing services, merchant fees, installation and maintenance of computer hardware and systems, telephone support, labour and all the other costs associated with the handling of an order.

Future Dates
2018  6-8th July 2018
2019  5-7th July 2019
2020  3-5th July 2020